About Us


" Success seldom goes to timid, it goes to those who Dare and Act”

Dear students, parents, guardians, faculty members, and all members of the staff. I humbly welcome you to join my vision of creating great minds in Science that will become the future of this country.

Situated in the beautiful town in Nashik, this dream of Upadhye College has materialized that enhances the student's stature in education, scientific inquiry, communication, sports, and soft skills like leadership and time management.

The humble beginnings of my lineage and my success are all accredited to my peers, teachers, and my mentors. I want to carry forward the light of knowledge ignited in me during my educational years.

While competition is always a potent friend, complacency is our enemy in the field of education.

I welcome you all to be a part of this scientific revolution that has been built with precision and a clear conscience that Upadhya college will always be fair, concise, impartial and will encourage the best in class education to all its students. We believe that in a few years our selfless act of service will generate a large group of professionals that will be ready to take on the world and achieve great heights.

It is my wish and my blessing that every student that passes out is immensely successful and thus contributes back to society selflessly and relentlessly.                                                                                                           

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